The Ultimate Up-Cycle

UP-CYCLING — The thing to do

If you spend any time on Pinterest or crafty blogs, you frequently see the word “Up-Cycle.” I’m not sure just when it became a word, but it does describe perfectly what we are doing … under the guise of never throw it away because you never know when you are going to find a use for it.

Just some examples from this Pinterest site (there are lots more) A Wine barrel Dog House, Straw-hat clock, CD storage cases for ribbon, Magazine trash basket, Sweater dog bed. I personally go through all my junk mail & catalogs for things that have already been designed by wonderful artists (like draperies) which make great designs on greeting cards. (another upcoming post).

OK you get the idea. In each case, the item could be seen, but its use was transformed. What was headed for the trash or Goodwill was up-cycled into something else entirely. Did these items have a choice as to what they would become?

As I was considering this in the light of God’s wonderful revelations (it’s great when you’re tuned into Him all day long), I had some thoughts about how God has up-cycled us … but this is the key …we do have a choice!


Psalm 139:14 declares, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”  The human body is the most complex and unique organism in the world. This was one of the things that really got me questioning my parents’ views that there is no God. I talked about this in my blog entry Ever Asked “Why Do I Blog?”  It gets even more wonderful as the DNA experts keep finding more complexity. They still have no idea how everything works, but God does … He designed it all, every single aspect of the body, down to the billions of tiny microscopic elements in every cell working almost flawlessly without our having to even think about it, present in that very first cell…. reveals that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.


God in His infinite, incomprehensible wisdom, also designed us with free will. That gave us the choice to love Him totally,  to pick and choose the God that we like, and to discount Him totally, deciding that we have all the answers, leading to pride, self-centeredness, anger, bitterness, anxiety, insomnia, unforgiveness, infidelity … I can go on and on.

All through His 66-book instruction manual, The Bible, He gives us the way to live a wonderfully satisfied life whether we are rich or poor, working or not, even living in a McMansion or a car (did you realize that Jesus was homeless?)


Glad you asked. 2nd Corinthians gives us the answer in verse 17
 “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

Do we have the same body? Yes. We can be recognized. But if we are in Christ, really following Him,  people will see a new us. One with the heart and will of God. One who is totally loved, totally forgiven, and totally joyful … even in the midst of trouble. It’s a struggle, we still mess up, but it is different because part of the newness is that He lives with us every moment. We have His power inside us … kind of like having a savings account with  a billion dollars, knowing we have instant access to it.


We are new creatures, for a new purpose. It happened to me. I’m a living Up-Cycle. People started seeing a different person in me immediately after I accepted that Jesus was the answer (and  liking it although they didn’t understand it). I was able to restore a really broken relationship with my Mom. She told me that she could see it in my face, my attitude, my actions and liked what she called “the new me.” And it wasn’t only her. Am I there yet. Oh, no. It was a choice which continues to work out till He calls me home or comes back.

We all have a choice. If you are tired of thinking you have all the answers and failing miserably, having lots of regrets, frustrations, loneliness … you CAN be a new creation in Christ. I’m going to end this now, but if you want to know how, put in a comment and I will message you directly. Or here is also a great link so God can up-cycle you, too. The link has answers to many questions you might have, too.

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