Presser foot mysteries

Have you checked your feet lately

I don’t know about you, but I had a drawer full of presser feet. Some came with my Singer Curvy. Some came with my Brother 2800 D Embroidery machine, Some of them came in one of my “oh, I have to get one of those” moments after watching a Sewing with Nancy program and a visit to Amazon. Especially the special “buy 7 feet in a really cool storage case.”

Some of them I had used, maybe once, when I first got them.

I knew I had to do something.

FIRST – Identification.

Some of them were obvious. Most,  I had to go back to the manual to hold the foot against the pictures of “included” with this machine. Fortunately I kept the some of the little sheets that came with the Amazon feet. But some I had to Google “presser feet” and look till I saw something familiar.

However, I knew I would forget within a day of closing the drawer.

SECOND – Marking

Sewing ... identify Presser Feet

So armed with a fine point black magic marker, I marked what the foot was for where I could see it when I looked in the drawer. The whole process took only a couple of hours and one waste basket.

I found 2 feet that didn’t fit either the Singer or the Brother. In fact the little clip was too narrow. They weren’t even the same color … they were like burnished metal rather than the shiny silver feet. I couldn’t figure it out. So I kept them around for a day or so … till it was trash day …. and threw them away. Oh Boy!!!

THIRD – Laugh

Two days later I went to use my Brother Serger, and looked down at the foot. You guessed it. My Serger was right next to the Embroidery machine, and I never even realized that it had come with extra feet …. very expensive feet … now in a land-fill somewhere.

What are some of your “looking-back-on-it” funny moments in your hobbies or projects.


Have you told someone this week how wonderful our God is?

I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders. — Psalm 9:1

5 responses to “Presser foot mysteries

  1. Thank goodness for short memories. I don’t remember how many times I’ve thrown something away and realized the next day how important it was. Not funny at the time. One funny moment in my crafting history was years ago when I decided to make a cabbage patch doll for my young daughter. The first one I made was not very pretty so I decided to practice on it–I sewed a second face on the back of her head for practice–a little freaky looking. Before I could get another one made that looked better my daughter got attached to the freaky one. She drug it around town telling everyone her “mother made it.” A little embarrassing. No one asked me to make them a doll. :)

  2. That’s why I am always so hesitant to throw anything away that is not obviously trash. I have a jar with odd screws, nails, nuts and bolts. I have a jar of spare buttons. I have a jar for small “what the heck is that thing?” objects that look like they are supposed to go with something. One of the reasons for that is that my hubby never ever puts anything away. He leaves bits and pieces of projects all over the place. If I see something that is “out of place” but not something I can easily match up I’ll put it in my “what the heck” jar and wait until my hubby asks me “where in the world is my ……. for my …….” I think I’ve saved lots of money that way!

    • What a great idea. I’m sure your hubby doesn’t have a clue how wonderful you are… Maybe he does😁.

      I do have a large drawer I put those kind of things and all the other “I might find a use for it someday” stuff. Dont know why I didn’t stick those feet in there. 😥

  3. Oh, dear! Too bad about those feet! Although my mother’s collection of things bordered on ‘hoarding’, she always said, “The minute you throw something away, you’ll find a use for it!” Generally, she was mostly right! :)

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